Today is the DAY!!!

FINALLY!!!! Vivian is picking up the keys to Wonder Viv Studios this afternoon. Do you know what that means. I get my house back. YEA…doing the happy dance.

It’s been a long time coming but it will be worth it once we are all moved in. Vivian will have some place to rehearse and store all her stuff. I have to be honest I’m expecting Vivian’s numbers to really be special now, and not in the short bus kind of way. Vivian will have no excuse for not rehearsing because she has the space. So be ready Dancing Vivettes because we’ll be calling.

For any of you needing costuming hit Vivian up because she will be able to do that now as well and will beginning taking appointments very shortly.

As for Mr. Von B I’m just happy to get my Dining Room and office back. No more fabric and sewing machines all over the dining room table. No more wigs all over the desks in the office. Also means that this fall I can work on turning the office into a den/guest room. 😉

The only downside is moving the storage unit over and sorting through all that stuff. Some of it just has to go. There is too much stuff that is not needed. So stay tuned for a possible yard sale as well.

Also be sure to check out 400 West Rich, it has so much potential and some great spaces.

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