Good Morning my Vivettes, tonight should be an interesting night in the world of Vivian.
Why? You may ask, well let me tell you.

Thursday is the big open house at 400 West Rich St and there are certain things Vivian will not be okay with not being done for that and tonight may be the only night to get those things done. You see tomorrow night Vivian has rehearsal for Vanity, which is this coming Sunday August 7th at Wall Street Night Club and Wednesday night yours truly will have softball practice. So that leaves tonight.

The only problem with that is Mr. Von B is sore as hell from softball yesterday. What can I say I’m fat and old, those two things are not a good combo for softball in 90 degree weather. Vivian has already said to me about working in the studio tonight and my response was “I’m not climbing the ladder, I’m too sore.” So that means we will possiblily be having a “disagreement” tonight or Vivian will be climbing the ladder.  LOL

I know Vivian wants the W V S hung on the outside of the studio and if I had to guess she has areas that need touched up, painting wise. I’m also sure there is a part of her that wants to get one more shelf of storage completed tonight. I don’t thing that will be happening, but we’ll see. I should be a good drag husband and just suck it and climb the ladder but to be honest I’m not sure my broken down body can handle it. Hopefully Vivian will be sympathetic and not push to get a shelf done. Who thinks that is going to happen? Not Me. So I would say there is a 50/50 if not 70/30 chance of a very interesting diary entry tomorrow. So be sure to tune if for that. 😉

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  • Vivan

    uhm, yea, well there is a stack of pre-cut lumber for said shelf….and things in totes that will easily come up off the floor. Kisses for the Mr.!