Trafik Show

My apologies my Vivettes for not updating about the Trafik Show sooner, but Three Blind Mice Bakery had their R2-D2 cake to delivery on Saturday and then Mr. Von B had some yard work to do on Sunday that kicked my ass. I guess that is what happens when you ignore the yard for 2 summers.                                                 

So back to the Trafik Show on Friday, the crowd was a little disappointing not a lot of people and they were on the quiet sound. Even with that though Vivian looked AMAZING and she did a really great job performing. I was very proud of her. I was worried with such a small crowd that she wouldn’t turn it on, but I was dead wrong. She worked that crowd and just had fun. It has been nice to see Vivian enjoying herself lately with her performances. She has come so far.

Here are some pics:



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