Types of Queens

Drag Queens are like snowflakes not one of them is alike. Each one has something I like to call their own Dragnality, the attractive and in some cases unattractive qualities that make a Drag Queen unusual or interesting. Even though no Drag Queen is a like another they can be grouped into different types of queens. Now no type of Queen is better than another and none is wrong or right. This is also not extensive list just observations I have made over the last four years.

1. The Diva – she is the Queen that when she walks into a bar or venue she owns it. All eyes are on her and everyone is drawn to her.

2. The Brown Noser – normally a newer Queen that attempts to obtain recognition not but hard work and dedication, but by kissing up to the establish queens.

3. The Clueless One – a queen that has no idea what she is doing when it comes to painting, costuming and also does not understand that drag politics of their city.

4. The Trouble Maker – a queen who likes to cause trouble by stirring up drama via spreading gossip and talking about other queens or drag families.

5. The Rule Breaker – the queen who does not follow any of the “unwritten” rules of the drag community. She does drag her way and follows her own path

6. The Orphan – a drag queen that has no drag mother or drag family. She is alone in the drag community and normally has to learn the craft by trial and error.

7. The Show Bomber – the queen who you can always find at any drag show looking for a cameo performance. They always just happen to have a CD of their music with them when attending a show.

8. Off the Rack – a queen who purchase all their costumes off the rack, normally at dance shops or costume shops. None of their wardrobe is tailored to their body.

9. The Attention Whore – a queen who no matter what always has to be the center of attention.  They will do anything they can do to draw attention to them.

10. The Show Off – a queen who knows they can dance and pulls out all the stops every time they perform. Their dance routines normally always include at least one split, one flip, a death drop and pulling their wig off. They do not understand some times less is more.

11. By the Book –the queen who follows all the “unwritten” rules of a drag community to succeed. Normally this means obtaining a drag mother/family and follows what ever said family says needs to be done.

12. The Coat-tailer – a drag queen who rides the coat tails of other more popular queens to success and recognition.

13. The Show Stopper – a queen that as the “it” factor or more accurately “d” factor. They are a queen who influences the art form and all queens that come after them.

14. The Professional – the queen who no matter their popularity always behaves professionally and treats others with respect.

15. Under the Radar –a queen who is always under the notice of the drag community but everyone seems to know who she is, even though she does not perform as much as others and has no home bar(s).

16. Crown Chaser – a queen is jumping from drag pageant to drag pageant attempting to gain their next crown or “feather in their cap”.

17. The Hobbier – a queen who performs just for the fun of it. They normally don’t compete and normally perform a lot for charities. They don’t do drag for fame or fortune; they do just because they love it.

18. The Original One – the queen who is always breaking new ground and is constantly raising the bar but doing something completely original and not done by another queen.

19. The Perfectionist – the queen whose look is perfect. Their makeup, hair, costuming, and performances are always the example of perfection. Nothing is ever out of place.

20. The Dancer –a queen whose performances is dance centric and can kill any dance routine. They are normally the queen is always introducing the audience to the newest dance sensation.

21. The Beauty Queen – a drag queen, who is very glamorous, very “fishy”, the majority of people would never know they were really a man.

22. The Fashionista – a drag queen that has a wardrobe which other queens would kill for. They always debut a new costume and/or look. They are known more for their fashion than their performances.

23. The Judge and Jury – a drag queen who is always judging other queens and feels their opinion is what is important. They have an opinion about everything that happens in the drag community and can always do it better.

24. The Career Queen – a drag queen who makes a living at performing drag. Their job is drag.

25. The Headliner – the headliner can some times be a diva, sometimes a career queen, or even a professional but the headliner is the queen that other queens all want to be.