Well Wednesday night Wonder Viv Studios lost its Virginity. Vivian and the cast of Vanity rehearsed the opening number in the space. Over all I think everything went pretty well. The space worked out nicely, only downfall I can see is when it’s HOT outside its HOT in studio. Those girls were sweating their buts off, which for some of them is not a bad thing. 😉

The opening number for Vanity is fun and the girls nailed the choreography. Nicely done Miss Blaire on choreographing it. You are off to a great start.

I have to say I was surprise how much room they had considering we still have boxes and totes all over the floor. We still need to paint the shelves and purchase the lumber for them before we can organize. That fun begins tongiht…lucky me. 😉

Wish me luck, just me and Vivian in a hot space, painting. One of us may not come out alive. LMAO

If you need a good laugh check out Miss Vivian’s facebook page and look for the exchange about Vivian’s Box, it is quite funny.

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