Viv Inc

So Viv Inc is the entity that controls every thing Vivian Von Brokenhymen. This not only covers costuming, wigs and performances for Vivian but others as well. Meaning make an appointment to meet Vivian in the new Wonder Viv Studios and she’ll be more than happy to see what she can create for.

I have big dreams for Viv Inc. I’m hoping Vivian will be turning out wigs and costumes faster than she can keep up with them. Also now that she can rehearse I hope she continues to get more bookings. Not that I’m complaining, Vivian has been getting booked quite regularly lately. I just want to make sure Wonder Viv Studios gets lots of use.

I also want Viv Inc to start turning out shows as well. I keep joking with Vivian about this one and I get “I’m not ready”. I have to disagree but then again I’m not the one up there performing. I’m hoping one day she gets to do one I think it would be good for her. I have started to write down some ideas for her just in case that happens.

The one show I really hope Viv Inc gets to produce one day is one for Halloween. Not because  of Vivian, but because I LOVE Halloween and would love to plan this show with Miss Vivian. It would be such a blast!!!

I am excited to see what the future holds for Viv Inc in the upcoming year. I have a feelign it is going to be one HELL of a ride.

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  • Vivian Von Brokenhymen

    The mister forgot to mention that Viv Inc also controls HIM! LOL!