Vivianisms # 30 – 36

Vivianism #30 if you have enough bleach in your washing machine to burn the eyes of those around you, you may be using too much. Just sayin.

Vivianism #31 My first pair of DD boobies were made of knee highs filled with birdseed, double bagged of course. Can you imagine the mess had I sprung a leak? Turns out birdseed is very heavy…and I found my “chest” slowly sliding south during the night. I switched to polyfill stuffing (from your local craft store) in some old tights, HUGE improvement, no more boobs headed south towards the equator. Bonus, found out it wasn’t the shaving cream that my boy nipples were allergic to, but the birdseed itself.

Vivianism #32 I’ve never seen anything like the entertainment community in Columbus, queens, kings and male entertainers, be more willing to step up and perform to raise money for various causes. It’s very disrespectful of those that are always asking for help to turn around and NOT bother to support those entertainers who help them. The excuses given, when confronted, are even more offensive. Lesson learned. Sadly I’ll be more selective in the future. Kudo’s to organizations that do both!

Vivianism #33 We all have opinions on things, a vast array of things earn both our opinions and judgements and how or IF we share them. Ask yourself a question, was your opinion asked for? are you being constructive by sharing it? If there is even a small doubt, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

Vivianism #34 Be prepared. The motto of any good Boy Scout. Queens, Kings and Entertainers should always be prepared. Keep some basics in your suitcase/bag/makeup kit that you or your fellow performers may need, safety pins (in various sizes), a small pair of scissors, extra bobby pins, duct and/or electrical tape, and clear nail polish – (runners are work of the devil), nail glue, extra nails (you’ll always loose one…just one, during a show), super glue, nail file…I’m sure there are more…feel free to mention below in the comments.

Vivianism #35 I tend to fuss, stress or even fixate on particular areas when painting my face. My drawn on eyebrows are one, my lips are the other. (sure some of you reading this are thinking, really? perhaps you should pay more attn to “______” haha!) What I’ve discovered is that the minute I try to “fix” what is wrong, it gets exponentially worse…to the point where I must remove said area, reapply foundation, powder, shading, etc and start over. Perhaps I need to walk walk away and breathe….and let it go.

Vivianism #36 Remember those “The more you know” educational commercials from when you were a kid….well pretend that music is playing and read on.
Sequence VS Sequined. There is a significant difference.
Sequence; the order in which things happen or should happen
Sequined; ornamented with or as if with sequins
This is my version of the grammar police. Happy Monday ya’ll!