So last night as Vivian and I were doing laundry I came up with a new word and I think I should petition Webster to add this word to their dictionary. The word is Vivianize. It’s a verb and means “to make something Vivian in nature”. Now some of you may be asking how does one make something Vivian in nature. Well the first step is to make it BIG, the second step is the make it classy and the third and final step is to make it original.

This word was created while Vivian and I were discussing her costume for Dragpalooza 2013. We both want this costume to be out of this world yet practical at the same time. This is not something easily accomplished and we have been going back and forth on this costume for a couple of months now.

Well the other day I saw a picture on Facebook of a costume that I thought would be perfect for Vivian, but forgot to show her. Yesterday during our conversation I remembered it and brought it up to show her. Vivian’s response wasn’t quite what I expected. I honestly thought she would love it. This costume was big, had wings and fabulous feathers. Vivian’s immediate response was “That has no other use”. I disagreed and started to point out that the wings would be a separate piece so she could wear the dress at other times. Vivian’s response “Without the wings it’s a dance costume. What does Vivian do with a dance costume?”

That is when I said “ When you would Vivianize that part.” Vivian just loved that, started laughing and was like “OMG that is too funny!” After I said it I realized that is something Vivian does quite often. She takes something she likes and she Vivianizes it. Whether that is a costume she has seen, or a song she likes. Everything Vivian does has her own spin on it and sometimes that spin is some what twisted.

Like when she decided to perform “I Touch Myself” not with just one vibrator, but 2 vibrators and a woody. Or when she did a Pussy Cat Dolls mix has an old lady that strips down and reveals sagging boobs half way through the song. Something else Vivian has Vivianized is the way she approaches drag. She does it her way and by her own rules.

Vivian defiantly walks by the beat of her own drummer and I think that is one of the things I love most about her.

So remember take what you like in life and Vivianize it!!!!!!