So my Vivettes I have coined another word: Vivzilla. Think Godzilla but as a Drag Queen….lol. If I keep this up I’ll need to write Vivtionary, lol, for all my words I used to describe Vivian.

So let me back up and explain how Vivzilla came up. Last night Vivian was working on her new coat adding some bling to it and I was attempting to help her find a song for her Pride performance. If you are performing for Pride you need to make it count and that means the perfect song & perfect costume.

So I’m sitting at my computer playing different songs waiting for Vivian to connect with one. It was taking a lot longer than I thought. So I started to get silly and come up with some funny ideas. This started to get Vivian’s attention. Finally she said “That’s fun but the costume is really not Vivian.” To which I replied “Well that’s what makes it funny. Plus Vivian can Vivianize anything. She is Godzilla she can’t be stopped, she is Vivzilla.”

I’m not sure Vivian appreciated my comment as much as me, but she chuckled. As soon as I said I pulled up Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” on the computer and start singing Vivzilla in place of Godzilla. I was having a good old time with this new word. Vivian just went about her business allowing me to have my fun.

I have to say for the rest of the night I had that song playing in my head. I even woke up this morning with it playing in my head. Hell last night I had a dream that Vivian and I were visiting New York and the city was rampaged by Godzilla and the two of us got separated. In the dream I kept calling the oddest drag queens to see if they heard from Vivian. It was a quite weird dream. I guess the only thing that would have been stranger would have been if we were in New York and it was being rampaged by Vivzilla. Now that would have been a NIGHTMARE.

As for the costume and number, yes a decision was reached and no I’m not going to tell you what it is. If you want to see it you will have to attend Drag-a-palooza at Axis Night Club on Saturday June 22.