What a difference a year makes

I have been thinking a lot of late how much things have changed in the last year for not only Vivian but the Von Bs as a couple.

A year ago Vivian was being booked for other Queen’s shows and now not only is Vivian being booked for shows, but she is booking her own shows and groups have actually asked us to plan and produce Fund Raisers for their various charities. Honestly it’s something I never thought would happened. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Vivian could host her own show, that was something I always knew. I always thought she would never get the opportunity to do so. If you didn’t know Columbus, Ohio is a very competitive city when it comes to Drag. Plus we have some of the best if not THE BEST Queens any city can offer. So for those reasons I never thought any one would take a chance on Vivian.
So when Vivian got her chance she grabbed onto it with both hands and ran with it and boy did she make the most of it and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Not only did she make the most of the opportunity presented to her but she was also able use that opportunity to help not only the gay community but the Columbus community as a whole. What more could any one ask for from something that truly is a hobby for not just her but myself as well. Yes I will finally admit it, Drag as become a hobby of mine as well. Honestly how could it not after 5.5 years of Vivian being alive.

For me personally the best of part of Vivian are the Fund Raisers we have been able to produce. They have become something that I love being asked to do and some times something I actively pursue doing. There really isn’t a better feeling than helping others and some thing I would not have the opportunity to do if it was for Vivian; and all you, my Vivettes, you have continued to support everything Vivian does and promotes. Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts. If it wasn’t for your support I don’t know if Vivian could have come so far so quickly.

Please don’t take this entry as me bragging about Vivian because it’s not what it is at all. It’s a reflection of how much things can change if one has patience, drive and a passion to succeed. Plus support from a ton of different people. It took a village of people for Vivian to get where she is. So to all of those people, Thank You. It’s like Vivian always says “Everything happens for reason, some times we won’t realize what that reason is until much later.” There are times I don’t realize how wise Vivian is when it comes to life as a whole. Life for me is something I’m not very good at handling lucky for me I have Vivian to help guide me through it.

In summary thank you the last 5.5 years and wait to you see what we have in store for you in the future.