Where is the Bathroom Police Now?

So first let’s get something out of the way Brock Turner and his father are disgusting and a complete waste of oxygen, but I’m sure we all know that.

What I have been wondering with all the news coverage of the pathetic punishment of that piece of trash is, where is the bathroom place now? You know all the ones that are trying to prevent transgender individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender indignity. If you listen to them and all the politicians that have jumped on this band wagon, this concern and all the “bathroom bills” are to keep our children safe, especially our wives, sisters, and daughters. Well the VICTIM of this hideous crime is some one’s daughter. To my knowledge none of the politicians who are supporting these bills has stepped up in defense of the victim and I’m just curious why?

Isn’t this the very reason they are supporting these bills, to protect the women in our lives? Do they not know what to say or is this situation just showing the absurdity of worrying about what bathroom some one uses. Why not take the money and effort you are putting into protecting our bathrooms and put it where it belongs: teaching straight men that woman are not there for their pleasure. Oh that’s right all of you are straight men that are fighting to protect our bathrooms.

Yes I’m not a father and I’m not straight but I sure as hell know that one does not bring harm to another human being, male, female or in-between, and isn’t that what these “bill supporters” based their beliefs on? To me seems my community has a better grip on how to live one’s life in the way what ever deity you believe in wants you to.