Director Monke arrived back at CDMA hoping Agent Utapa had a handle on the Short North situation. If not the Director did not know what he was going to do. Covering up an attack in the Short North during a gallery hop was not going to be easy. If Agent Utapa couldn’t create a believable story the Columbus Depart of Mutant Affairs may just have to come out of the closet.

As he walked into OPS, Director Monke saw Agent Utapa waiting for him “Please tell me you were able to spin this cover up.”
“Well as I said I had few ideas and it was going to take a few calls, but yes tomorrow morning there will be a press release in the Dispatch explaining the events of tonight. The story that runs tomorrow will explain before leaving Ohio, Marvel Films decided to film an after credit scene in Columbus, featuring Wonder Viv and unfortunately there were some miscalculations in their special effects that lead to some unforeseen accidents. I already hacked craigslist to post an ad looking for extras that ran a month ago, plus made a deal with Marvel Films to funnel money to them to pay for any possible medical expenses and lawsuits.”

Director Monke was impressed with Agent Utapa’s cover story, especially after hearing some of the comments he heard while walking through the Short North. Every thing was plausible enough. Yes there were some holes but luckily most people are so involved with their own lives they are more than likely to over look those holes. For the next few months Director Monke knew Alfred would have to keep surveillance on stories hitting the internet about tonight’s events.

“Nicely done Agent Utapa, except I have to ask how the hell did you get Marvel to agree to this and how did you get Upstairs to agree to this?” (Upstairs is what the executives above Monke’s clearance were called.)

“Well I explained to them the importance of an affective cover story, plus I guaranteed we would bring in Wonder Viv by the end of the year.” Agent Utapa explained.

“YOU DID WHAT?” Director Monke was taken back but what he just heard.

“Well Director you told me to do what ever it took to cover this up and that is exactly what I did. We both understand that Wonder Viv has been on Upstairs’ radar for quite some time now. They either want her brought in or working for us, so I used to my advantage. If we don’t bring her in I’ll deal with that at another time.”

Director Monke was sure he wouldn’t have handled this situation the same way but he knew he had to trust in his agents and Agent Utapa was his best. On some level Monke knew what he did was the right thing to do. He was just concerned about will happen if they can’t bring Wonder Viv in or convince her to be an agent.

“Director Monke, you directed me to notify you if you located Wonder Viv and/or the ape creature. I have located both.” Alfred interrupted Director Monke’ train of thought.

“Alfred where did you locate them?” Director Monke asked excitedly.

“Both targets are located in the Franklinton Area, specifically at the address of 400 West Rich St.”

“Alfred dispatch all available agents to that location. Utapa you’re with me. Maybe tonight is the night to we finish the deal you made with Upstairs.” Monke said as they both headed to the garage.