Wonder Viv crawled out of the crater their fell created in the parking lot, thinking to herself for a moment; Shimman isn’t going to be happy about this. Once out of the crater she looked down to see her husband changing into his ‘normal’ form once again.

“Thomas, Thomas, THOMAS!!!!” she screamed “Are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Mr. Von B did not respond. Wonder Viv was just to climb back down into crater when Mr. Von B responded.

“Okay Viv remind me to NEVER do that again. That hurt like hell.” Mr. Von B began to climb out of the crater. When he reached the top Wonder Viv slapped in the back of the head.

“OUCH!!! What the hell was that for and it’s nice to see you still have your strength” Mr. Von B said to his husband.

“That was for acting a fool and risking your life. You had no idea you would survive. Did you give any thoughts to what loosing you would do to me, the boys, your mother, The Jedi? No of course you didn’t. I swear Thomas for as smart as you are you can be so damn stupid.” Wonder Viv reached over and hugged him.

“AAH Viv, I am naked here and I love you as well. Now can we get into the lair before some one sees us standing here?”

Wonder Viv released her embraced and jumped down into crater, reappearing a few seconds later with her cape Mr. Von B was using to cover  himself up before they came crashing down into the parking lot.

“Here put this back on. What are we going to do about this hole in the middle of the parking lot?”

“We can deal with that tomorrow, right now we need to go. LOOK!!!” Mr. Von B pointed to the CDMA SUVs that were speeding down Main St towards their location. “I don’t think either of us wants to be here when they get here. So let’s go.”

Wonder Viv grabbed Mr. Von B and ran them both to the secret entrance to the lair. Upon entering the Wonder Lair they were greeted by the boys, who were waiting patiently for their return.

“Hi boys, yes daddies are happy to see you too but, lay down right now.” Wonder Viv said to three of them. All three turned around and laid down on their beds, watching the two of them as they entered.

Wonder Viv released her hold on Mr. Von B and proceeded directly to the dressing room to take off her makeup turning as she walked out of the room to Mr. Von B “We’ll discuss this after I’m done showering. So be prepared.”

“Looking forward to it. NOT” Mr. Von B replied and Wonder Viv walked into the dressing room.

“Well boys this should be fun, don’t you think? “ Mr. Von B was almost positive he saw all three shake their heads in disagreement, but  brushed it off as exhaustion and pain.