Wonder Viv: Episode 2

Columbus Ohio wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of super power mutants that started to show up in the city over the last few years. However the city reacted quickly and established the Columbus Department of Mutant Affairs (CDMA), a very prim and proper name for a task force that has to handle a very ugly job.

Not only did Columbus have to establish the task force, a correction facility needed to be constructed to house these mutants. Columbus decided to build this facility well below the Scioto River. For the average citizen all the construction down town and on the river bank was too beautify the downtown area. In reality Columbus constructed holding cages for the mutant problem until the problem could be solved. .

With all the mutant attacks it was getting harder and harder for the city to keep the attacks and the existence of the mutants on the downlow. Wonder Viv wasn’t helping either. Her flying around battling these mutants just made it harder for the CDMA to create cover stories.

So far Columbus has been lucky, the attacks and resulting battles with Wonder Viv were taking place at night so it was easy for the CDMA to sweep them under the rug. As for Wonder Viv that was another problem, the CDMA did not know what to make of her just yet. On some level they were grateful for her help, however for all intents and purposes, Wonder Viv was a vigilante.  Regardless of her intentions and the results she gotten.

This problem was weighing hard on Director Monke. He knew he would need to make a decision sooner or later. Does he declare Wonder Viv a vigilante and issue an arrest warrant for her, or sanction her actions and ask her to work with them? The later, of course, was the easier of the two. Exactly how do you apprehend a super power Dragazon who is taking down mutants that his own task force can barely handle?  Not to mention the fact that Wonder Viv is one of Columbus’s most popular drag queens raising thousands of dollars for local charities. The general public also did not know Wonder Viv was also a super power Dragazon. For now Director Monke is grateful it is only Wonder Viv and not the mutants he has to worry about.