The CDMA SUVs approached the address Alfred provided of Wonder Viv’s last location.

“I want all agents prepared and ready. Give me a perimeter around the entire location. No one or nothing gets in or out until we have Wonder Viv and the Ape Creature in custody.”  Director Monke directed his agents over the com as they pulled up.

All the agents surrounded the building as Director Monke approached the door and attempted to enter it. The building was locked with a digital code. “Alfred, the building is locked. I need you to crack the code and gain me access to this building now.”

Back at OPS Alfred connected to the building’s Wi-Fi via Director Monke’s com link and quickly over rode the lock. “Director Monke you have access.”

Director Monke and Agent Utapa and 4 other agents entered the building. “Okay we search each room one by one till we find them.” Monke directed as the approached the first room.

Agent Utapa went to open the door and found it locked. “Director Monke we have a problem, these rooms are locked.”

Director Monke knew they couldn’t bust in every door in the building that would not only be PR nightmare but take too much time.

“Alfred, is one of your drones still in the area.”

“Yes Director, there is one hovering in the area currently. What do you need?”

“Alfred, I need you to search the building via infrared and tell me any where you pick up any heat signatures.”

“As you wish, Director, beginning the search now……….I found 5 heat signatures located a few hundred feet north of you.”

Director Monke was confused by the 5 heat signatures, he was expecting two. “All agents hold your positions on the outside. Agent Utapa, you and the others are with me.” Director Monke followed by his agents headed down the hallway as Alfred directed them to the heat signatures. Upon entering a set of double doors Director Monke and CDMA agents found a room with light shining underneath the door.

Director Monke motioned for Utapa and the other agents to flank the door as he approached. Once upon reaching the door Director Monke pounded on one of the two doors leading into the room.

“CDMA agents, open the door please.” There was no immediate response. Director Monke repeated “CDMA agents, open the door please.”

Just as Director Monke was going to give the order to bust the door in, the door opened.

“Can I help you?” asked the man who answered the door.

“Yes, you can step aside so we can search this room.” Director Monke said forcefully.

“Excuse me? Under what authority? The man responded.

“By the State of Ohio now step aside.” Director Monke said as him and his agents entered the space.

When the entered they found 3 dogs laying on the floor looking up at them and another man who was sitting at an easel painting.

“Where are they?” Director Monke yelled.

The other man responded “Where are who?”

Director Monke was visibly confused and unhappy, “Wonder Viv and an ape creature.”

The man painting actually started to laugh before responding “Okay what is a Wonder Viv and an ape creature. As you can see the only ones here are me, my husband and our dogs. Put please feel free to check for yourself.”

“Oh trust me we will. Agent Utapa have this room searched.”

Agent Utapa wasn’t sure what the Director expected him and the agents to find. The room wasn’t very large and was filled with paint, boxes, a bar and shelves, but him and the agents gave it all a once over.

“Director Monke there is nothing unusual, the room is clear.” Agent Utapa reported.

“Our apologies gentlemen” Agent Utapa said to the two men and ordered the agents to leave the room and encouraged the Director to do the same by motioning towards the door. “Director Monke after you.”

Director Monke knew Agent Utapa was right but he also knew something just didn’t feel right but at this point he had to leave. “Yes so our apologies.” Director Monke said as leaving the room.

“Agent Utapa something just doesn’t feel right. Alfred has any one left this building since we left?”

“No Director since your arrival no one has entered or left the building.”

Director Monke knew something wasn’t adding up and was determined to find out what exactly what wasn’t.