It’s been a few weeks since Jeff learned about Tom’s “condition”. He couldn’t say he was pleased about how it was discovered but he was relieved to not have to worry about his husband getting hurt any longer. The creature Tom turned into seemed to be almost indestructible from what Jeff has seen. There was factor of this revelation that Jeff was not looking forward to and that was hearing Tom the entire way down to see Mr. H about the Wonder Tank and that day was today.

“Okay let’s agree on one thing Thomas there will be no BITCHING about the Wonder Tank on this trip” Jeff stated as he got into the car.

Tom could not believe what he just heard. “Are you kidding me? Not only did you order something we did not need. What you ordered caused us to have to rent a flat bed truck to pick it up. So do you really think I wouldn’t have some thing to say about this? Now are you ready to go get our flat bed truck?”

“Well mister I would have never ordered the tank if you would have told me what was going on with you. I was concerned for yours and the boys’ safety. If I would have known my husband was a living, breathing tank I would not have felt I needed a steel tank. So really if you stop and think about it, this is your fault; like most things.” Jeff knew that last comment was going to hit a nerve but he couldn’t resist it. He loved seeing Tom’s reaction when ever he spun thinks around back onto him. Granted it most cases it’s not true and this case is one of those, but he loves teasing his husband like this.

Did they need the Wonder Tank? Not really and Jeff knew that but he honestly was worried about Tom and his safety if he was ever caught out with Wonder Viv. It wasn’t until he mentioned his concern to Mr. H that the topic of a tank even came up. It was said it jest but then the more he thought about it the more he like the idea, so he ordered it. He knew he should have ran this by Tom but as always Jeff’s line of thought was: easy to ask for forgiveness than permission.

“I can’t believe you even said that with a straight face” just as Tom said that Jeff busted into laughter and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “You are lucky I love you.” Jeff smiled and responded “I Know. Now let’s get this show on the road.”

It took Tom a few days to find a flat bed truck they could rent that would carry a tank. It didn’t help that he couldn’t be 100 % truthful about what he needed to transport but after several phone calls. Tom found a company that rented them and didn’t ask too many questions.

“You never did tell me how you found this place? Renting a flat bed truck to transport a tank couldn’t have been easy.”

Tom shook his head “Trust me it wasn’t and it took some time and all my talents to forge fake documents to create a business that would have a legitimate need for a flat bed truck. Oh and let’s not forget the expense, but as usual what Vivian wants Vivian gets.”

Tom and Jeff pulled up to Penske truck rental. “Really how hard could it have been?” Jeff sarcastically asked.

“Tell you what Jeff next time you order a 20 ton tank you can find a place that rents heavy duty transports. It’s not as easy as you may think. It’s really not an every day request for an average business. So yes it’s a large company but that size worked to our advantage. As long as I had the right paperwork and the money that’s all that was needed. So shut it and let’s go get your tank.”