Wonder Viv Episode 3

When Wonder Viv and Rambo Pugs walked into the Wonder Lair under Wonder Viv Studio, Mr. Von B and the Coconut Twins were there monitoring the Viv Cameras. Mr. Von B turned to Wonder Viv with that annoyed look on his face and asked “Another mutant attack?” Wonder Viv looked and him and replied “Yes they seem to be getting more frequent. I sure hope the CDMA is big enough to hold them all.”

Mr. Von B turned back to the monitors saying “I would have to agree with you.” Then he looked down at Rambo Pugs “And how’s my little guy? Did you take down some big bad mutants with Viv?” Pugs began running around in a circle; he loved coming back to the lair and seeing Mr. Von B and the Coconut Twins, his brothers. Mr. Von B reached down a started to pet Rambo Pugs.

Wonder Viv knew there was something up and was too tired for Mr. Von B to bring it up so she decided to ask “What are you annoyed about? Don’t think I don’t know when you are annoyed at me.”

Mr. Von B stopped petting Pugs and reached for some papers that were on the desktop next to one of the monitors. “Well I was going to let it wait till we got home but since you asked. The latest invoice came from Mr. H.”

Mr. H was Wonder Viv’s costume designer for her drag performances but was also her weapons designer. Wonder Viv had a habit of going a little over board just not on costumes but weapons as well. She was really hoping to get to this most recent invoice before Mr. Von B. She knew this latest one was sure to cause some problems.

“I see the 3 costumes we discussed but there seems to be 2 additional ones I was not aware of that were added. I also see you ordered some new grenades for Pugs.” At hearing his name Pugs started to get excited again. Mr. Von B bent down and picked Pugs up before continuing to review the invoice.

“There are also the vests we discussed for the Coconut Twins. I have to ask though did you really order a Wonder Tank? And if you did what the hell for? You are bullet proof why do you need a tank and also where are we going to store it?”

Wonder Viv knew the Wonder Tank wasn’t going to go over well. She really didn’t have any intention of ordering one but when she was discussing the last order with Mr. H as well as the increase in mutant attacks Mr. H jokingly suggest that he should build her a Wonder Tank and Viv said why not. “Well it honestly started off as a joke between me and H but then the more we discussed I figured it made perfect sense. The mutant attacks keep increasing and right now it’s just me, Rambo Pugs, The Coconut Twins and CDMA dealing with them. I figured sooner or later I may need you to start patrolling the city and since you have no powers I wanted to make sure you were safe. Plus wait to you see it H did an incredible job on it.”

Mr. Von B knew he was not going to win this argument so he decided to just give in “Well in the future I would like to be made aware of purchase like a tank or plane or what ever other vehicle you think about ordering. Where are you planning on keeping this tank?”

Wonder Viv smiled at her husband “A plane I like that idea” laughing as she said it “as for where I’m keeping the tank don’t worry I already took care of that. I had Mr. H expand the lair and I think it may be even big enough to house a Wonder Plane.” Wonder Viv knew Mr. Von B wouldn’t find that funny but she couldn’t resist. She leaned over and gave Mr. Von B a kiss “Now if you are done with me I’m going to go get this make up off and shower. I’ll see you at home.”

As Wonder Viv left the lair Mr. Von B looked down at their 3 boys and said to them “Do you think I should have told her?” Rambo Pugs and The Coconut Twins looked up at him with a look that he was positive said YES.