When Wonder Viv and Mr. Von arrived at the Wonder Lair the Coconut Twins and Rambo Pugs were already there laying on their beds waiting. As soon as the two of them walked in all 3 of their boys were up off their beds and running over to them to receive some affection.

Wonder Viv petted all three and they went over to a hidden compartment in the wall entered the code, reached in and grabbed some treats. Turning to her boys she said “What do good boys get for stopping the bad guy?” All three boys sat and looked turned their heads to Wonder Viv awaiting their treats. Wonder Viv handed each one a treat while Mr. Von B took off their vests. After receiving their treats all three walked over to their beds, laid down and began to enjoy their treats.

“Those three are just too much” Mr. Von B said to Wonder Viv. “Oh I agree but let’s face it both of us would be lost without them. I’m going to go shower and change.” Wonder Viv kissed Mr. Von B and headed to the locker room.

“Okay while you are showering I’ll download the footage from the boys’ vest cameras and see what they fought.” Mr. Von B removed the SD cards and downloaded the footage into the lair’s computers. Mr. Von B couldn’t believe what he viewed. What ever it was that the boys fought seemed to be has strong as Wonder Viv and had thrust for violence. Mr. Von B was glad the boys were able to stop it and extremely relieved the boys weren’t hurt after watching the fight.

Mr. Von B walked over to the monitors and started to cycle through all the locations Wonder Cameras were located: Old Town East, German Village, Merion Village, Downtown, Italian Village and the Short North. The Von Bs positioned cameras in all parts of Columbus where a high concentration of the LGBTQ community frequented.

While looking at the Short North camera Mr. Von B noticed something. At first he wasn’t 100 % sure if he saw anything. He thought maybe it was glitch in the camera feed, because the figure he thought he was seeing was fading in and out on the monitor. Then Mr. Von B saw it, the cloaked figure from the CDMA battle was in the Short North.

He watched the monitor and saw the cloaked figure continually fade in and out of view. This confused Mr. Von B, why the figure kept fading in and out of view he had no clue, but he was sure it couldn’t be good. What came next on the monitor was something out of a bad action film. Mr. Von B watched as the cloaked figure walked up to an ATM and tear it from the wall and toss into the street landing on the hood of car. This caused the care to slam on it’s brakes and the car behind it to crash into. This cause the other cars to swerve to avoid the two wrecked cars. Some cars drove into oncoming traffic causing more accidents. Others crashed into businesses lining high street and hitting pedestrians. People started to run in all directions to get away from the crashing cars.  To Mr. Von B it seemed the figure was enjoying the panic.

Mr. Von B was distressed, he knew Wonder Viv couldn’t get there in time. It was up to him to stop this. He knew if he did, however, that he wouldn’t be able to keep his secret hidden any longer. Well he’ll have to cross that bridge and deal with the Wonder Viv consequences afterwards. Mr. Von B bolted from the chair and outside, in doing so he allowed the change to take a hold of him.