Wonder Viv Weekend

Well this past weekend I was at Wonder Viv Studio all weekend with Vivian. It started Friday night for the Fear Hundred walk through and prep for the trick or treat bags Vivian is making for The Jedi. We were there from 6 pm to 9:30 pm with a break for supplies from JoAnns.

Then Saturday we were at the studio for pretty much the ENTIRE day. We were there starting at 1 pm and left after 10 pm. The day started out with work on the Trick or Treat bags and guess what Vivian put me to work on them. Yes you read that Vivian cracked the whip on me and not in the good way. (Not that I’m into that.) You see the bags need to have interfacing on every piece and there are 6 – 7 pieces for each bad and Vivian is making 3 bags so that is a lot of pieces. So Vivian decided that she would have me iron the interfacing onto each piece, which meant I had to stand at the iron for hours on end and fuse the interfacing to the felt. Okay it was probably just an hour…lol, but it was not fun.

After working on the bags we volunteered for Fear Hundred, the haunted house/bonfire, our building was putting on for Halloween. It was a good time the turn out was not bad for a first time event in a building not too many people are familiar with.

Then Sunday we were back at the studio from 1 – 3ish, working on the bags and organizing.

If I’m going to be spending this much time at the studio I have going to have to invest in some more comfortable chairs….lol.

Remember Wonder Viv Studio is open for on your costuming and wig needs.

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