Hello my Vivettes, it’s been some time since I have posted an entry and for those that have missed me I’m sorry. For those of you that were thankful, well your reprieve is over….lol.

So today I realized that the diary has been in existence for over 5 years. In that time I have moved it to different servers and even recently I changed the web address. I also realized that I did this change without explaining why. There are a few different reasons for the change. The first one plain and simple was the old name was just too damn long. Every time I tried to give the address to some one I would get this blank stare at me like what the hell did you just say. Another reason, one that Vivian likes to point out from time to time is I spelled the old website incorrectly. To be honest I didn’t but Vivian doesn’t believe that, so it was time for a change. The final reason for the change was well Vivian and The Von Bs have grew past just being a drag queen and her husband. On some level we have become event planners, artists, and Vivian to some degree a public figure. Now I say that with a lot of tongue and cheek because I don’t believe it completely. However with the additional things we have been doing it was time for a new website and a new name, hence why I started wondervivinc.com.

The new name allows us to share more than just my ramblings about Vivian. It allows me to share my art work when I’m ready and in the future it will be where I debut the Wonder Viv Comic, yes that is still in development. Last year I actually took some big steps towards creating it, I have went back to school at Columbus College of Art & Design for Illustration. This will hopefully allow me to develop the Wonder Viv Comic at my own pace and on my own. This is also the reason why there have not been any regular posts because well between school, work and Vivian I don’t have a lot of free time….lol.

So book mark the new web address and enjoy the ride.